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  United Kingdom Overview  
United Kingdom has a seemingly limitless array of education and training opportunities. International students can choose from a vast range of courses including traditional academic areas of learning and research, as well as more practical courses with a vocational orientation.

Choosing a Postgraduate Program in the United Kingdom

Studying abroad and culture transition

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 Choosing a Postgraduate Program in the United Kingdom
Not only do UK universities offer an extensive range of diverse subjects, which are relevant to career development, but also those courses run from September to September, IN CONTRAST TO THE TWO-YEAR masters degree offered by other education systems. The time factor is so important to fresh graduates and to those who are in the early stages of their career. The UK system offers clear advantages to those who have a few years’ work experience behind them, but need to improve their qualifications without sacrificing too much time.
 Studying abroad and culture shock
If you have been to the UK already, then you will roughly know what to expect. If it is your first time in the country - and perhaps your first time abroad - you may find that settling in is not an automatic process but that it requires a bit of effort. You may be surprised by this, and at some stage you will probably use the term culture shock to explain your reactions. But what exactly is culture shock? What does it feel like? Can you prevent it? Probably not but you can minimize its effect. Read on and find out how. You may settle in more easily if you know in advance how you are likely to feel after your arrival.
Why is Britain still a popular choice for International Students?
Students who have experienced the most usual continental European teaching technique of mass lectures in amphitheaters - sometimes with standing room only - never cease to marvel at the level of individual attention they receive in Britain. Perhaps this is related to the honorable record Britain enjoys in respecting the rights of the individual in general and enjoying the cultural and religious diversity of those who stay with us. This level of care should be discernible even in the way enquiries and applications are dealt with. An overseas student’s prior learning, work experience (if any) and qualifications will be treated seriously and weighed on their merits, not simply sifted by a computer following predetermined criteria.
 Admission Procedure
Applying to a foreign university from another country is exciting, but it also presents challenges. Many students go to the US, UK and Canada because of the variety of educational programs offered. The most important step to gaining admission to a foreign university is to plan carefully and to complete all the steps necessary and on time.
Making a wise university choice begins with thinking about your reasons for selecting the university abroad. Before you enter the admissions frenzy, or before you turn in those applications, get an overview of the whole process, preferably by visiting the GEPSI Consultancy office.
When, where, how to apply, and how to figure out how you (and your family) are going to pay for it. Your goal is to end up with a list of universities where you'd like to apply, which is one of the most difficult things you will do as a high school or college student. Students, especially those traveling from overseas, face many questions.
We, at GEPSI Consultancy, realize how difficult and expensive it is to apply directly to foreign universities and thus offer various admissions options to students: With just one visit to our office, students can apply to over 50 universities in the UK. (For a list of these universities, click here.). If you choose to apply individually to these universities, you may likely incur bills of £2500 (or more) in the application process.
We take on the responsibility of sending your documents to universities. Our admission process is simple - we process your documents and then match them with universities that would accept you for your chosen course as well as fit in your budget. Even if you do not wish to appear for the IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT or TOEFL exams, we may be able to place you in colleges which would accept you based on your past academic record. However, we strongly advise you to appear for IELTS or TOEFL exams.
If you wish to apply to universities outside our list of Universities, we can help in the following way:
 Search and Selection:
Based on your credentials and test scores, we give you a pre-application list of universities. We then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the universities with you and narrow the list down to about 4 universities. In some cases, students like to apply to more than 4 universities and we would then suggest additional universities where you can apply.
We also help with identifying and drafting of all the documents which you need for admission (like recommendation letters, resumes, essays, statement of purpose and so on). Once the documents are ready, we help you fill out the application form, (we have a database of application forms!), prepare the application packet and finally send the completed admission packet to the university. When you start getting offer letters from various universities, we can help you decide which university to attend.
The most crucial stage is next –obtaining the student visa. There is nothing more frustrating than to have your visa application rejected. We take great care and meticulously plan your approach at the foreign embassy, checking all your documents and conducting mock interviews so you know what questions to expect at your real interview. Our careful planning and genuine concerns have helped us maintain a success rate of 90%+ in obtaining student visas.
After you get the visa, we have informative pre-departure briefing where we talk about immigration issues, shopping lists, flight and custom information and cultural adjustment to the foreign country. Our pre-departure seminars will help you adjust to your new life.
In short, GEPSI Consultancy will be with you from the time you decide to study abroad, till the time you leave on an airplane to your chosen university. We are still in touch with many of our students, who share with us their varying experiences.
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