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  Study in Canada  
 Why Canada
Canada offers the best standard of living in addition to a clean, safe and hospitality environment. Canada is one such developed country, which offers everything, one aspires for. Besides being highly developed, industrialized and civilized nation with latest facilities and infrastructure, Canada also has pollution free environment, low crime rate and a longer life expectancy, than over 95% nations of the world. Owing to low population and high industrial advancement, it offers great job opportunities with permanent settlement options.
 Student Visa
The Student Visa to Canada allows overseas students to study at many of its world-class Universities and Colleges. More than 130,000 students come to study in Canada every year. This does not include people studying French or English as a second language.
You need to obtain a Canadian Study Permit (Visa) if you intend to take any program which is longer than six months. You do not need a study permit if you are planning to study in a short-term program in Canada of six months or less, as you may enter on a visitor visa.
Before you come to study in Canada you will need:
a letter of acceptance from the school of your choice
proof that you have enough money to pay school fees and live near the school
to establish that you will return home at the end of your studies
to pass a medical exam if needed; and
to qualify as a temporary resident in Canada, including a temporary resident visa if needed.
Points to Remember:
In order to protect your interest as a student, you must ensure that
For Achieving your Career Goal:
You enrol in a valid, accredited and reputed College/University.
We recommend you to select Government Funded Community College/University
You must ensure that you are enrolling in a program of your choice, which meets your academic and work
  background along with your future goal.
You must research enough to find different programs in your criteria
You should select a college / university, offering you low fees, up-to-date infrastructure, job oriented training with
hands on projects, internships, etc.
By researching in advance, you may find colleges / universities, offering scholarships
For Achieving Visa:
It is very important to select a well educated and experienced guide to represent your visa application
You need to prove the following to Canadian High Commission:
Why do you want to study in Canada?
Why do you want to study at a particular College/University?
Why have you selected a particular program?
Who will sponsor you?  Why?  What are their liabilities, Income, Savings, etc.
Representation of your visa application is very important.
Wrong or immature language can disqualify your application.
Answering truthfully and being straight is the best policy
Providing appropriate documents as per the CHC requirements is must
 For most accurate information on obtaining your student visa, refer to the official website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada
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