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A Comprehensive Blog on the process of applying for a Canadian Student Visa

A Comprehensive Blog on the process of applying for a Canadian Student Visa
  • 30 May 2023
  • Gepsi

Millions of students across the globe apply for Canadian Student Visa annually. A record 2,26,450 Indian students went to study in Canada in 2022, and every year more than 4,00,000 Indians apply for Canadian Student Visa, which is proliferating annually because of the process becoming seamless because of Visa Consultancy like GEPSI Immigration Services, which has assisted 1000+ students in obtaining a Canadian Student Visa.

With the number of applicants applying for Student Visas increasing annually, let us walk you through the process for applying for a Canadian Student Visa to simplify your doubts and clarify your doubts.

What is Canadian Student Visa?

A Canadian Student Visa is a study permit issued by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada), allowing students globally to come and study full-time in Canada. It is valid for the study duration of your stay in Canada.

You don’t need a Canadian Study Permit if you have applied for a course or program for six months or less. However, if you wish to study full-time post-completion of a short-term course or program, you will need a Canadian Student Visa for that. You can renew your Canadian Student Visa from within Canada if you wish to continue your studies further.

A Canadian Student Visa allows full-time students registered at an accredited Higher Education Institute to work part-time on campus or off-campus as an intern, a co-op, or as part of your study program. However, you can stay in Canada as a permanent resident after you graduate and work full-time.

Process of Applying for a Canadian Student Visa

You can apply for Canadian Student Visa via online or paper application, which you can obtain from the CIC website. Paper applications usually take double the time than applying online.

To apply online, you need an online payment mode (debit/credit card) and a device to create electronic copies of all supporting documents (a scanner or a high-resolution camera). At GEPSI Immigration Services, we help students apply for Canadian Student Visa as we have all the required resources, which will speed up your process.

The following is the Visa process for applying for a Canadian Student Visa:

The first step is obtaining a letter of acceptance from an Accredited Higher Education Institution. Students studying in Quebec must also apply for a Certificate of Acceptance from the Government of Quebec. You must acquire this letter before applying for a study permit. You can get it online by printing out a form or requesting a paper form from your University.

The next step is getting a Canadian Student Visa Application Package from the CIC website, local visa office, local Canadian Embassy, or consulate office. You will be asked questions about yourself to obtain the Visa Application Package from the CIC website, which determines your visa eligibility and the documents you must provide.

You must also obtain a temporary residence, which you may or may not require, and find it on the CIC website. It will not affect your Visa application processing time because it is processed at the same time as your study permit application.

You will receive a personal checklist code after determining your visa eligibility, valid for 60 days. You need to submit this code to submit your visa application online. Ensure to keep a printout of this code page for future reference, which will also have an application guide, a document list that needs to be submitted with the visa application, estimated tuition fees, and guidelines for the next steps.

The next step is creating a MyCIC account, where you must enter the personal checklist code you received. After that, you will receive your document checklist, and you need to upload & send the required documents online to CIC. A printer or scanner is required to complete this step.

Contact us for assistance with this step and others to help you smoothly apply and process your Canadian Student Visa Application.

After paying your tuition fees and having all the required documentation & application form ready, you must submit your complete visa application to CIC.

Note: Some Student Visa Applicants must appear for an Interview at their local visa office.

Process for applying through the Student Direct Stream

Indian Students can apply for Canadian Student Visa through the Student Direct Stream to get their study permit quickly. The requirements for Student Direct Stream are similar to regular study permits. There are stricter language requirements, and you must have an IELTS score of at least six.

If you don’t meet Student Direct Stream requirements, but meet for a regular study permit, then your student visa application will be reviewed by a regular study permit. However, the processing time won’t be faster, like Student Direct Stream.


After reading the blog, you will be clear about the process and two ways (Regular Study Permit & Student Direct Stream) to apply for Canadian Student Visa. The Student Direct Stream is one of the faster ways if your IELTS score is a minimum of 6. However, if you have any questions or need assistance with applying for Canadian Student Visa, feel free to contact us.

At GEPSI Immigration Services, we have assisted 1000s students in obtaining Canadian Student Visas. We provide IELTS Coaching by highly qualified and certified faculty to help students achieve an IELTS score of 7 and above to seamlessly obtain Canadian Student Visa and get admission in an Accredited Higher Education Institution.

We have highly professional & competent Canada Visa Consultants who help students obtain Canadian Student Visa smoothly. We have tie-ups with local authorities in Canada, and our Director actively participates in Visa processing cases to ensure all the required documentation and paperwork is ready to speed up the process.

To enroll in our IELTS Coaching Classes and for assistance with obtaining Canadian Student Visa, call us at +91 99099 55949 or email at

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