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With a mission to make opportunities accessible, vision to empower the youth and values that create lifelong relations, our founder and CEO, Mr. Chirag Nanavati built GEPSI Immigration Services. Mr. Nanavati has operated several colleges/institutes in USA and Canada and trained thousands of students. Being in the industry, he saw the struggles faced by students first hand, and taking this as motivation, he began his journey in 2005 and started assisting students in broadening their horizon and achieving their career goals.

Since 2005, the year GEPSI was incepted in India and Canada, we have been able to assist over thousands of people from over 50 different countries. This has been accomplished not only by our efficiency and hard work, but also the values our company is built on. We strive to uphold our integrity and dependability. Afterall, we are here to exceed your expectations.

We have been able to assist our clients ethically and efficiently because our CEO takes part in the process of every application and our team of professionals ensures that it is done with utmost accuracy. This is a trait of very few certified consultants.

About Gepsi

We, the team of GEPSI, have worked with utmost dedication, sincerity, and transparency to bring our clients’ vision to life. Without limiting ourselves, we aim to work with all the available immigration programs and avenues for our clients and offer them several economic options to choose from. With expertise in over 50 immigration programs, we aim to offer you a solution, best suited for your profile.

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Mr. Nanavati (Director)

Exclusive Profile of our Director

  • Significant experience of working with over 100 different immigration programs offered by the Canadian Government.
  • Canadian Citizen with over 27 years of experience of studying, working, operating businesses, operating colleges/institutes in USA & Canada.
  • Youngest to achieve “Hind Rattan Award” & “Business Excellence Award”
  • Appreciated by Mrs. Pratibha Patil, Ex-President of India for his extraordinary support to the Indian community in Canada
  • Appreciated by Shri Anupam Kher, renowned Indian Actor & Social worker, for his extraordinary support to the Indian community in Canada.
  • Appreciated by many Govt. Authorities of India, USA and Canada for his involvement and support in education sector.
  • Owned, Operated and served as Director of Education with many Colleges in USA & Canada
  • Trained over 5000 in Canadian and American colleges as an Instructor for IT programs
  • Since 1996, Mr. Nanavati has Successfully assisted over 100,000 Americans, Canadians, Indians and people from over 50 different countries by guiding, training, obtaining admissions, obtaining visas and obtaining immigration.
Business Excellence Award Business Excellence Award
Hind Rattan Award Service Excellence Award

Success Glimpses

Experience and Unique Approach

People wonder,

  • Why over 97% of GEPSI’s clients get visas, although the success rate of the students applying from across India is very low?
  • Why our students excel in obtaining jobs during and after their studies?
  • Why our students easily get Immigration after studies?
  • Why our students succeed in bringing their families to Canada, during and after studies?

There are specific reasons behind these questions.

Thousands of students select to process their admissions and visa applications through GEPSI every year because of our Ethics, Efficiency, Experience and Expertise.

Experience and Unique Approach

There are some exclusive benefits, when you process your Student Visa application through GEPSI – A Certified Immigration Services Provider (CICC Member)

  • GEPSI Consultancy has been assisting hundreds of students in obtaining admission in top colleges and universities located in USA, Canada or New Zealand. We have over 35000 satisfied clients and have been operating from the same location for over Seventeen years.
  • Due to our ethical, sincere and dedicated approach, most of our clients have succeeded in achieving their visas, career and migration goals.
  • Unauthorized consultants cannot represent any immigration or visa application and may have limited knowledge. They are not regulated by any authority or regulatory body to ensure accuracy, ethical service and sincerity. Mr. Chirag Nanavati, the Director of GEPSI Immigration Services, is a Canadian Government Approved CICC Member, and has been assisting thousands of clients on study, immigration and all types of visa matters.

Unfortunately, there are number of unauthorized advisors, whose education, experience, whereabouts, criminal record, and ethics are not verified by the government. Such unauthorized advisors may claim to be able to get you a visa through dishonest means; however, such fake claims may lead you into a major loss.

  • Unauthorized and Uneducated agents can jeopardize your career and your life goals.
  • Many agents provide lucrative offers to tempt clients and make money.
  • Many abroad education agents have entered this sector with an aim JUST to make money. Due to lack of their efficiency, education, international exposure or ethics, these agents end up sending students into colleges giving them maximum commissions and compromise on the quality of education.
  • Taking service from an immigration consultant who is not regulated could affect your career and life.

We request you to arrange your appointment and meet us with your educational and experience related documents, so that one of the GEPSI’s Guidance Officers can analyze your application and suggest you the correct path.

We will be pleased to offer you most economic and accurate services as per your desired target.

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