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An Exclusive Blog on a Checklist of Documents for a Canada Tourist Visa

An Exclusive Blog on a Checklist of Documents for a Canada Tourist Visa
  • 25 May 2023
  • Gepsi

Canada is one of the top destinations preferred by millions of students, employees, entrepreneurs, and tourists worldwide for studying, working, conducting business, and spending their vacation.

Canada’s weather, Infrastructure, Latest Technologies, Government Benefits, Significant Salary Packages, hottest holiday destinations, cultural places, nightlife, adventure activities, and wildlife are the crucial factors that put Canada on top of the list for obtaining a Visa for Immigrants worldwide.

With Summer in Canada, Tourist Visas will be in high demand, as tourists will be eyeing to enjoy Canada’s natural wonders, diverse culture, and historical monuments. Some Immigrants Applicants face issues due to the complex process of obtaining a Tourist Visa.

In this blog, we will walk you through the required documents for a Canada Tourist Visa, which will simplify your process of obtaining a Tourist Visa for one of the best Immigration-Friendly Nation in the world.

Purpose of Canada Tourist/Visitor Visa

Foreign Nationals can apply for Canadian Tourist/Visitor Visas to visit Canada for the following purposes:

  • Business Purpose
  • Meeting family, friends, and loved ones
  • Leisure Activities & Tourism Purposes

A Canada Tourist Visa acts as a Temporary Resident Visa, allowing you to travel across Canada and explore places.

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

The following are the requirements for Canada Tourist Visa Applicant:

  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must have adequate funds to support their stay in Canada
  • Must provide their travel itinerary & two-way Canada Air Tickets
  • Must show proof of their Job, Family, and Financial Assets
  • Must be medically fit & healthy to travel
  • Must have no criminal record

Documents Checklist for Canada Tourist Visa

The following are the documents checklist that you must keep ready to fasten up your process of obtaining a Canada Tourist Visa:

Valid Passport

The first & foremost document that you need to keep ready is your valid passport & other necessary travel documents. For Canada Tourist Visa, you must provide two photocopies of the following information on your passport:

  • Passport Number
  • Date of Issue & Expiry of your Passport
  • Personal Information on Passport (Name, Photo, Date & Place of Birth)

Passport Size Photographs

The next thing you must keep ready is your Passport Size Photographs. We recommend keeping at least 4-5 photographs.

Documents (Proof) of Funds

Next, you must submit statements proving that you can support yourself & family during your stay/visit to Canada. The following are the documents you must submit as proof of funds.

  • Bank Statements (Passbook)
  • Tax Filing Documents for the last three financial years
  • Your Employment Letter (to show your yearly earnings)
  • Financial support evidence/Income evidence from friends/family (person hosting you) to cover your expenses during your stay in Canada
  • Other Financial proofs such as PPFs, Shares, FDs, and Property

Submitting Cover Letter

You must write a Cover Letter/Declaration and submit it to the Government of Canada, which will explain your purpose for obtaining Tourist Visa/Visit to Canada.

Invitation Letter

You must submit a copy of the Invitation Letter from your family/friends you are visiting in Canada.

Visa Application Form

You must download your Canada Tourist Visa Application form from the IRCC website. After that, you must submit all the documents, such as passport copies, fee receipts, passport-size photographs, and other asked documents).

Travel Itinerary

You must submit your Travel Itinerary showing your trip plan, including two-way Air Tickets. You are required to mention the places you will be visiting in Canada, including a detailed route description you will be using in Canada.


Self-employed applicants must submit a Memorandum of Association (MoA) and other supporting documents. You can contact us if you require any assistance at this stage or any step.

Additional Documents of Proof

You must submit the following documents as proof that you aren’t planning to stay/visit Canada for a longer duration than permitted:

Proof of Employment

You must submit your Proof of Employment (Employment Contract Details) as evidence that you are your company’s permanent employee, your job role, your expected stay in Canada for the company’s work, and other required details in the contract.

Proof of Property

Suppose you are visiting Canada for a Real Estate Business deal, leasing, or any other Real Estate Business purpose. In that case, you must submit proof of property stating your purpose of visit and expected stay in Canada.

Note: Students must submit their ID cards. Retired Applicants must submit a copy of their pension slips or any other retirement proofs along with mentioned documents in the blog for Canada Tourist Visa.


After reading the blog, you will have a clear comprehension of the documents checklist for obtaining a Canada Tourist Visa. Keeping the mentioned documents ready will help you speed up the process. The Processing Time for Canada Tourist Visa Application is usually one to six weeks, depending on the proper documentation and paperwork.

However, you can speed up the process and obtain Canada Tourist Visa seamlessly by contacting one of the leading Visa Consultancy in India – GEPSI Immigration Services. At GEPSI Immigration Services, we have helped 1000s of Individuals obtain Canada Tourist Visas for themselves and family.

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