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Canada Visitor Visa: Application Process and Required Documents

Canada Visitor Visa Consultant
  • 21 Apr 2023
  • Gepsi

Visiting a foreign country is fun as long as you don’t wear yourself out with the visa application and approval process. GEPSI Consultancy has been in the immigration and overseas education domain for years. Hence, our guidance and expertise can surely expedite the whole visa process.

As a visa consultant in Ahmedabad, we want to highlight the application process and documents you may need when applying for a Canada visitor visa.

Let’s go through the application process for a Canada visitor visa:

The Application Process for a Canada Visitor Visa

  • Download the visa application
  • Attach the documents that support the application
  • Pay the visa processing fee and biometric fee
  • Submit your application
  • Give your biometrics (photograph and fingerprint)
  • After reviewing your background and fact-checking, you’ll get the decision

Now that we know about the visitor visa application process, let’s take a look at the documents required:

Documents Required for Canada Visitor Visa


The first and foremost requirement for a visa is to have a genuine passport. You must have a genuine passport along with other required travel documents. Along with these, you also need to provide two photocopies of your passport’s information page.

The photocopies should include the following information:

  • Date of issue
  • Passport expiry
  • Passport number
  • Photographs
  • Personal information

Proof of Funds

Submit evidence stating that you can support the family while you stay in Canada. You’ll need to submit the following documents as proof of funds:

  • Letter of employment
  • Financial support evidence from family/friends
  • Income evidence
  • Tax filing documents for the past three years
  • Other financial support evidence such as FDs, shares, etc.

Cover Letter

You must write a declaration or cover letter to the Government of Canada explaining the reasons they should offer you the visitor visa. Ensure to keep the letter crisp and clear.

Invitation Letter

If you’re visiting your friends or family, you have to submit a letter of invitation received from them as evidence to the visa application centre.

Visa Application Form

Download a visa application form and submit the required documents (such as fee receipts, pictures, copies, and other documents). You can submit it online, or you can let us help you with it.

Travel Itinerary

You need to mention the places you’re going to visit and provide a detailed description of the routes of travel you’ll be using during your visit to Canada.

Memorandum of Association and Other Supporting Documents

Self-employed applicants need to submit a Memorandum of Association (the company’s important corporate document) and other supporting documents.

Documents of Proof

You need to make the visa officers believe that you’re not planning to stay in Canada by submitting some documents as proof. The documents required are as follows:

  • Your previous passports or/and visas with entry and exit stamps
  • Employer details that prove you’re a permanent employee
  • Proof of booked and return tickets


Get a minimum of two passport-sized photos when applying for the visa.

Wrapping Up

We’ve covered everything you should know about the application process and the documents needed for a Canada visitor visa. Getting a visa for any country could be a long and tedious process but with a Canada visitor visa consultant like oursit could be made easier and more efficient. To know more about our services, feel free to reach out to us. We’re happy to guide you through the entire journey!

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