Dependent Visa

Each year, Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants including students and professionals. One of the primary reasons why people choose to permanently settle in Canada is too upscale their standard of living and most of them have to live away from their families.

For those applicants, wanting to be accompanied by their families/relatives must apply their visas. ICCRC Certified GEPSI Immigration Services is your

dependent visa consultant for Canada

that you can rely on. Unlike, the process of the main applicant, dependent visa application is quite straightforward and less stringent. For instance,

  • They need not appear for IELTS
  • They can work in Canada
  • You can bring a close relative/spouse/child

As simple as it may sound, appropriate process must be followed and all the criteria must be met to ensure success of the application. We, as your

Canada spouse visa consultant in Ahmedabad

have the right knowledge and experience to help you through out. With, Gepsi Immigration Services take leaps towards your dream life in Canada.