Canada Express Entry Immigration

Express Entry Immigration

Canada has one of the most liberal immigration policies in the world and welcomes over quarter million immigrants each year. While Canada offers a great choice of both Federal and Provincial immigration programs, immigration to Canada has become increasingly popular due to the Express Entry program. Express Entry applicants receive priority processing and increased accessibility for candidates from a broader range of occupations. Without a cap on the number of applications being accepted for processing, applicants can apply to Express Entry at any time without being concerned that the program will close or fill up before their application is completed.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class Immigration program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Class Immigration Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Immigration Program
  • Provincial Nominee (Immigration) Program – PNP from within or outside the Express Entry:
    • Job Offer stream
    • International Student stream, and
    • Pilot programs operated by few selected provinces

There are several other programs under the Express Entry program, and they all have different eligibility criteria.

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