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How to Prepare for Your Student Canadian Visa Interview

Student visa consultant
  • 26 Jun 2020
  • Gepsi

Students are these days very excited to go abroad and study to make their career. It is not so easy at it sounds though. Students need to prepare a lot for the entrance exams and for the visa interviews. Visa Consultants help you in preparing for such questions. After submitting your visa application, you need to schedule a date for your visa interview. This interview is the last step for the student visa application process. It is never predetermined that even after preparing everything minutely a student will get the visa approved. Visa officers will ask questions based on your application, related to your study, which institute you’re opting for, financial background, and family background. Most importantly they would want to know whether you are planning to stay in Canada after completing your education or returning to your home country.

Your main purpose is to get the student visa so make sure you emphasize that while they ask you questions. Do not panic and be positive. Wearing a smile and greeting the officers at the embassy will give a positive impact on them and boost your confidence.

Documents you need to keep ready

It is necessary to keep the documents ready as you cannot afford to waste an officer’s time by searching your documents from the bunch you have. Keep it in an order that it is easy to take out if the interviewer asks. Student visa consultants will definitely help you get the documents ready before the interview.

  • Education certificates, transcripts from the school
  • Acceptance letter from the institute you have applied to study in Canada
  • Financials and bank statements that show how will you fund your studies
  • Family background papers that show the employment of your parents
  • Any other documents you have submitted with your visa application that could help assess the visa officer to view your profile.

It is not compulsory that they will ask you for all these documents, they might not even ask for any. It is difficult to guess and so it is better to keep all the necessary documents our consultant has suggested. Along with these documents be prepared with what you have already mentioned in the visa application. You cannot differ from what you answer in the application from what you answer at the interview. iCCRC approved immigration consultants are the best if you need any help for Canada immigration services.

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