CICC(College of Immigration & Citizenship Canada)

GEPSI Immigration Services is Certified / Licenced / Authorized by the Canadian Government

– CICC (College of Immigration & Citizenship Consultants)

The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants licenses and regulates the practice of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) in the public interest.

It is extremely important that you take advice from authentic and knowledgeable person who is authorized to provide consultation in immigration matters. Every year, thousands of people are becoming a victim of different types of frauds conducted by unauthorized and unethical agents across the world.

Being a certified and experienced consultant, we will be pleased to responsibly assist you by offering a very sincere and stringent analysis on your application in order to ensure smoothest, most economical and ethical solution for your career or migration goal.


We are CICC Members with over 27 years of healthy experience in the field of Overseas Education and Immigration matters. Being Certified and highly experienced, our director has resolved thousands of complex immigration issues.

We will be pleased to assist you by offering a very sincere and stringent analysis on your application in order to ensure the best, smoothest and the most economical and ethical solution for your career or migration goal.

  • Marriage fraud
  • Document fraud
  • Internet, email and telephone scams
  • Irregular adoptions
  • Lawyers and paralegals who are members in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society
  • Notaries who are members in good standing of the Chambre des notaries du Québec and
  • Citizenship or immigration consultants who are members in good standing of the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).
  • Immigration Canada will not deal with representatives who charge a fee but are not authorized. If you use an unauthorized representative, in Canada or abroad, Immigration Canada may return your application or refuse it.
  • Remember: if you pay a representative or compensate them in any way in exchange for their services, they are considered to be a paid representative and they must be authorized.
  • If the website claims to offer special deals to people who want to immigrate, don’t deal with them. Do not pay for offers of guaranteed entry into Canada or faster processing of your application. These claims are false.
  • Check the address in your browser’s address bar when you land on a website. It should match the address you typed.

Never enter private information unless there is a padlock in the browser window or ”https://” at the beginning of the web address to show it is secure.scam

  • If a website seems wrong to you, do a web search to see if anyone has reported any problems with that site.
  • Make sure your browser is up-to-date. Browser filters can help detect fake websites.
  • Beware of websites advertised in emails from strangers that you did not ask for.
  • Don’t give out personal information unless you are sure you know whom you are dealing with.
  • If in doubt, contact the website owner by telephone or email before you do anything.
  • Find out more about who can legally represent you if you choose to hire a representative.

You may get an email that looks like it is a real company or the Government of Canada. It may ask you for private information, such as your date of birth, passwords or credit card details. Sometimes the email will tell you to visit a fake website.

Some people get emails that look like they are from IRCC. They offer special immigration deals if you give them personal information. We will never send you an email asking for your private information.

If you get this kind of email, don’t click on any links or give any information about yourself. If you have any doubts about where the email came from, make sure to check the identity of the sender.

These things may mean that the email is a scam:

  • The email is sent from a private address or a free Web mail address (e.g., Yahoo Mail, Hotmail or Gmail) and not from the Government of Canada “” or “” email account.
  • The email uses a standard greeting such as “Dear customer” instead of your real name.
  • The sender asks for personal information, such as your date of birth, password, credit card or bank details.
  • You didn’t expect the email.
  • The message is an image instead of text.

Note: Canadian Government will never send visas by email.

If you are considering hiring a consultant or representative for your overseas education, visa or immigration needs, then you want to make sure that you are hiring the right person. Especially, when you are from the underdeveloped or developing country wherein there is no regulatory body which is designed by the local government to protect you, it’s extremely important for you to select your consultant wisely. No Regulatory Body means that anyone without proper education can start up a business and become an education consultant or a visa consultant.

  • Problem comes when any unauthorized & uneducated agent misguides you and shatters your dreams.
  • Problem comes, when your hard earned money goes wasted and you do not get any results.
  • Problem comes, when your visa gets refused and your precious time is wasted.

Hence, while considering selecting a strong, sincere, registered, authorized and experienced consultant people always think of GEPSI.

GEPSI is RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant), certified by Canadian Government to offer immigration and visa related counseling and services.

GEPSI has strong knowledge, understanding, and experience on different immigration & visa laws along with different types of courses, careers, colleges and educational opportunities in North America as well as most parts of the world.

At GEPSI, our mission is to provide prompt, accurate and efficient service. Our experienced and knowledgeable employees understand the value of our client’s goal, time, money, and efforts.

GEPSI has flourished significantly on the basis of goodwill and word of mouth publicity. We at GEPSI recognize the value of customer satisfaction and endeavor to ensure that nobody leaves our company’s premises unsatisfied with the service.

GEPSI is proud to have 95% of clients coming through references.

Please Do Not Play with Your Life and Career:

Unfortunately, there are a number of unauthorized advisors, whose education, experience, whereabouts, criminal record, and ethics are not verified by the government. Such unauthorized advisors may claim to be able to get you a visa through dishonest means.

Fraudulent behavior is a criminal offense and by conducting or allowing such agents to conduct any fraudulent activity on your behalf, you can be charged for a criminal offense as well as banned by the Government for the number of years and may never be eligible to get a visa.

  • Unauthorized and Uneducated agents can jeopardize your career and your life goals.
  • Many agents provide lucrative offers to tempt clients and make money.
  • Taking service from an immigration consultant who is not regulated or not a member of CICC, could affect your career and life.
  • Unauthorized agents cannot be regulated, penalized or disciplined by any authority. Hence, they bear minimum responsibility or accountability towards your application.

We as a Canadian Government Approved CICC Member are:

  • Accountable towards our work. Hence, applications are processed with full integrity and accuracy.
  • Required to comply with CPD regulations and remain fully updated with frequently changing laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Tested for our up-to-date knowledge about immigration law and Canadian immigration system
  • Tested for our proficiency in English
  • Required to abide by stringent ethical and professional rules that are designed to protect consumers
  • Maintain extreme accountability
  • Monitored by CICC; non-compliance is taken seriously
  • The Director have over 27 years of experience and has counseled over 100,000 clients with utmost care and accuracy.
  • Through his extensive experience, the director is extremely stringent about the values of Ethics, Accountability, Integrity, and Sincerity.
  • Each application is processed with utmost care and sincere involvement of our director.
  • Research, Analysis, Planning, Presentation, and Management is under the complete observation and guidance of our Director, who is a very renowned professional with great experience in the field of overseas education and Immigration matters.
  • Our fully functioning offices are operated in Ahmedabad, India and Toronto (Mississauga), Canada since year 2005, which facilitates our clients giving them the flexibility to contact our professionals during both the time zones.
  • Being experienced, the Director and Staff at GEPSI have excellent analytical skills, through which it can foresee the applicant’s situation from all the angles.
  • Our director has dealt and resolved number of complex immigration issues by dealing with Canadian Immigration offices

We will be pleased to assist you by offering a very sincere and stringent analysis on your application in order to ensure the best, smoothest and the most economic solution for your career or migration goals.

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