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IELTS Listening Tips for Students

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  • 24 Oct 2019
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If you want to crack IELTS, you really need to do well in listening. In this post we will share our top tips to help you improve your IETLTS score.

Listening Exercises Help

Most of us limit ourselves to just practice tests, which frankly speaking is not enough. They indeed help you gain more familiarity about the test and that’s what they are aimed at. Best IELTS classes in Ahmedabad suggest you to do a variety of English exercises. Besides, listening to English news, talk-shows and radio-shows also help improve listening abilities.

Pay Attention to the Situation

Each part of the listening test starts with an introduction. The introduction might sound like, “Now you will hear a conversation between..” or “Now you are going to hear a lecture on…”. Be attentive while you listen and pay attention to the participants, their location, what they are talking about and every little piece of information.

Word Indicators Must be Paid Attention to

Pay attention to word indicators very carefully. According to the best IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad, it helps you anticipate the situation and what the speaker might say next. Common word indicators are- but, then, finally, however etc.

Undivided Attention is the Key

Undivided attention is the key as you will only get to hear the audio only once. If you couldn’t hear few words, do not lose your attention and focus on the rest of the part. You can review those questions later and manage them accordingly. It is better than missing out on rest of the questions.

Don’t be Tempted to Write Answers Quickly

According to some of the best classes for IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad, most of the students rush up only to end up writing wrong answers. There are times when the information is repeated or it is corrected, so what you heard the first time might not be the right answer, so listen to the entire piece very carefully.

Don’t Leave Questions Unanswered

It is not a good idea to leave blank answers. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers, so you can try making a guess and answer the question. The best way out is to read the question again and again.

Hone your Topic Vocabulary

More often than not, section 3 of the test is about education. For instance, it could be a conversation between a lecturer and student. So, work on improving your vocabulary about studying in a school or university.

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