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ICCRC approved immigration consultant, GEPSI, specializes in assisting three categories of immigrants:

  • Family class (closely related persons of Canadian residents living in Canada),
  • Economic immigrants (skilled workers and business people),
  • Immigration based on humanitarian or compassionate reasons and

Sponsoring your family is allowed by Canadian citizens and permanent residents. They can sponsor their husband/wife, dependent and adopted child, informal/conjugal partner, parents and grandparents too.

With the help of a

Canada Immigration consultant

or a well reputed

Canada PR consultancy in Ahmedabad

, you can bring your loved ones to Canada under different immigration programs offered by the Canadian Government. GEPSI being a certified immigration consultant is committed to provide systematic, cost-effective, genuine and highly professional immigration consultation as well as support. We are passionate about seeing our clients approved and united with their loved ones as fast as possible.

There are documents required for sponsoring the person you want there and also from the person who is sponsored needs to submit a few documents. The sponsor must agree to keep his/her relative or family member with them for a certain duration of time decided. The sponsor is required to meet some financial requirements.

For all this, we make sure that the process is smooth and fast. You do not have to worry about the rules and regulations for the visa process as we take care of all documents and make sure that we fulfill all the immigration requirements. Once you visit us, relax and wait for your visa as you are in the right hands as we are the

iCCRC approved immigration consultant in Ahmedabad


Being a

certified immigration consultant

we guide you in the right direction and our services include every detail from the scratch till the end. We give you suggestions when needed and also stop you from making mistakes that may reject your file. Our extraordinary success in getting Canadian Visa has led our company to reach heights as our existing clients refer their friends and family year after year.

Spouses, Common-law & Conjugal Partners:

  • Spouses: Spouses are partners who are married to each other.
  • Common-law Partners: Common-law partners have lived together continually for at least one year.
  • Conjugal Partners (Fiancées): Conjugal partners are the ones who though unmarried, share an intimate and exclusive marriage-like relationship for less than year.

You can fill out the confidential inquiry form which is available on our website and we shall respond to you promptly. If you wish, we would be obliged to assess your profile at no cost, whether you qualify to sponsor your partner.

We have a history of providing Canada immigration services to our clients (the sponsors) who have lived in most parts of Canada, and we have made it possible for their partners (the applicants) to arrive from many country in the world.

Dependent Children

Dependent and adopted children above age 21 are in full-time attendance at an accredited post-secondary educational institution both on the day of the application and on the date, the immigrant visa is issued. We can help you assess if you qualify as a sponsor to your child without any obligation.

Parents and Grandparents

To sponsor your parents and grandparents it is necessary to check on their health as they have a condition to it which will not allow you to proceed further if they are not keeping well. As mentioned earlier financial documents are needed according to the set guidelines by Canada Immigration. We are open to discuss and help you to meet these rules for special sponsorship or even if your near and dear ones want to come for a visit. We will be more than happy to assess your sponsoring to your parents and grandparents at no cost to you.

Being an ICCRC approved visa consultant and holding more than 15years of healthy experience, serving more than 10,000 clients globally, we have consistently remained one of the most trustful company in Overseas Education and Immigration Matters. Our Direct holds a very strong profile with resolving multiple complex immigration cases.

We take pride over our strong history and will continue assisting clients to ensure timely, cost-effective and easy solution to their career or migration goals.

In year 2015, a new Express Entry Program was launched to expedite the immigration process in few of the immigration categories. Following applications for permanent residence through economic class were included in this Express Entry immigration program:

  • the Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and
  • the Canadian Experience Class.
  • Provinces and territories also have their own programs that can recruit candidates from the Express Entry system to meet their local labour market needs.

Seeing the demand, there are many unauthorized and illiterate agents across the world, who have entered in this business to make easy money; who can tempt you by giving different offers and jeopardize your application as well as waste your hard earned money. However, it is extremely important that you as a client, take a sincere decision by selecting a the

best immigration consultant for Canada


Starting from the stage of identifyingthat you qualify in one of these programs till you accomplish your Immigration goal, the entire system has become very complex with number of changes in the system, new requirements, qualifying criteria and application methods. In order to ensure smooth and accurate process, you need a certified immigration consultant that is experienced, skilled, caring and honest professional from start to end of your process.

“GEPSI”, being certified immigration consultant, has a proven track record of being one of the expert firm in providing Immigration services. With the history of 22 plus years and almost over 15,000 satisfied clients. Being the Canadian Government Authorized ICCRC Members and one of the top 10 Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, we have been successfully providing accurate services and counseling and are awarded with three prestigious national awards.

  • Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Program

The Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program is one of the most important programs offered by the Canadian Immigration since many years. Under this program, there are no restriction candidates are not restricted based on the occupations in demand, or cap to limit the number of candidates in a particular occupation. Since the launch of Express Entry, Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) program has remained the speediest way to migrate with the help of a

Canada immigration agent in Ahmedabad


Although the intention of Immigration Canada, isto attract thousands of candidates from worldwide, seeing different complex situations in most of the countries, Immigration to Canada has remained on the top priority for most of the people from across the world and this has caused sincere competition within the applicants.

A brief on Express Entry – FSW program:

  • You are required to have paid work experience in an occupation listed under the NOC 0, A or B categories for at least one year in the past 10 years
  • Immigration Canada has created a six selection factors based points system which consists of points based on your age, education, work history, language ability and other adaptability factors, with a current pass-mark of 67. You must qualify under this system to enter the express entry pool.
  • Spouse or common law partner, and Dependent children under the age of 21 (on date of application) are eligible to be included with your application.
  • You must have your Education Credentials assessed prior to applying
  • You must have your English or French Language proficiency test completed, with required scores (exam should not be older than 2 years from application date).
  • You must maintain the required settlement funds throughout the process to ensure that it is available for your arrival in Canada
  • You must not have any serious health issues, or a criminal record that would make you inadmissible to Canada
  • Once you meet above criteria and score 67 or higher marks in this six selection factor system, you may then apply to entering the pool of applicants under the Express Entry System.
  • You will then be scored under the Comprehensive Ranking System consisting of 1200 points.
  • Once your score is higher than the express entry draw, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA)
  • Upon receiving the invitation, you will have exactly 90 days to submit a complete application and all supporting documents

Briefing on The Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) of 1200 points.

For candidates without an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, there are:

  • a maximum of 500 points available for core human capital factors;
  • a maximum of 100 points available for skill transferability factors; and
  • 600 points available for additional factors (including a provincial nomination, an offer of arranged employment, and/or prior Canadian study experience).

For candidates with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner, there are:

  • a maximum of 460 points available for core human capital factors of the principal applicant;
  • a maximum of 40 points for the core human capital factors of the spouse or common-law partner;
  • a maximum of 100 points available for skill transferability factors; and
  • 600 points available for additional factors (including a provincial nomination, an offer of arranged employment, and/or prior Canadian study experience).
  • Age                         110
  • Education             150
  • Language skills             160
  • Canadian work experience             80
  • Partner’s education, language and Canadian work   40
  • Skills transferability (cross-matching factors)             100
  • Having a Provincial Nomination or Arranged Employment 600
  • Qualified Canadian Education of One/Two years =   15
  • Qualified Canadian Education of Three or more years =   30
  • French ability                         30
  • Sibling in Canada                         15
  • LMIA Job offer under O, A or B category jobs =                           50
  • LMIA Job offer under “OO” category jobs = 200


  • FST – Federal Skilled trade Program:

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for people who want to become permanent residents based on being qualified in a skilled trade. There are some trades which require prior approval from their licensing body to practice.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

  • A language test is required which is recognized by the Canadian Government.
  • The minimum CLB required is 5 for speaking and listening, and 4 for reading and writing.
  • Work experience is necessary for a minimum of 2 years full-time in a skilled trade in the last 5 years.
  • Should have a full-time offer letter of employment with a continuation of up to two years of Canadian employers.
  • You can also have skilled trade certification from Canadian authority.
  • You may have to be prepared to live outside the province of Quebec.

What kind of work experience is needed under the Federal Skilled Trade class is important before applying for it. For more details you can visit us as we are the best

Canada immigration consultant

in the city.


Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

International students and temporary foreign workers who have one year of paid work experience in Canada are the people who can qualify under this CEC Immigration program via Express Entry (EE) program to become Permanent Residents of Canada.

Qualifying candidates under the CEC program were allowed to apply directly for their immigration before the launch of Express Entry, however, now even the CEC candidates are required to compete with a broad range of candidates entering the EE pool by qualifying via other programs like FSW, FST and some PNP programs.

Similar to the candidates from the other programs under Express Entry, you will be ranked and selected and then invited to apply.

Seeing the competition and complexity of the program, you need to have a very systematic and error free application, strongly presented right from the first stage in order to be eligible to advance for second stage.

The Canadian Experience Class is for the temporary Foreign Worker in Canada, or international student who has worked at a qualifying level in Canada for one year.

As an international students, you must make a right career choice in selection of job, designation, salary, etc.

You must remain updated with the recent and upcoming changes to program that may impact your ability to qualify.

Selecting the right job in the right NOC (National Occupation Code) level, and meeting the language proficiency test requirement are one of the key factors to qualify.

Remaining in status and keep an eye on the expiry date of your and your dependents’ status is very important. You should know how to remain in status by extending your stay using different available programs.

You may be required to extend your work permit by having your employer sponsor you through the LMIA process, which is very stringent and requires number of procedures. Know these requirements in advanced so that you can convince and keep your employer prepared with availability of all the documents, so that we can conclude this process smoothly without any errors or omission.

Even if you have not worked in Canada, you may qualify to apply under FSW program with your qualifying foreign experience.


If you have started working in Canada, or have already worked in Canada for one year, you may qualify now or soon.


We have been receiving large number of inquiries in this category and we have come across many applications which were refused either

  • Because of omission and error in the application filled by someone without experience and appropriate knowledge,
  • Because the client filed their application by their own and made some error, or
  • Because their consultant we not able to represent the case properly and timely.

Lately, we have also seen large number of applications, refused for not meeting the deadlines, selecting wrong program, selecting wrong path or due to the technical error or omission of information required.

You cannot allow to have this happen to your application, because being disqualified may prevent you from applying again or, you may be banned from applying for 5 years if CIC feels you misrepresented any important fact.

There are chances you may qualify for the same, hence Iinvite you to consider calling us book a consultation meeting. 

We will be glad to assess your qualifications for immigrating to Canada in any of these categories. Kindly email us your detailed resume, and we will get back to you shortly with our assessment and an invitation to meet with us if you have a chance to qualify. Do not hesitate as we believe in keeping inquires confidential.

Personal one-on-one consultation is possible if you stay near to the offices. However if you reside for away and if it is not possible to meet in-person, you can connect with us over a phone call or if feasible we can arrange a Skype meeting.

GEPSI’s goal is to keep your Immigration journey smooth, cost effective and successful.

  • Provincial Nominee Programs via Express Entry:

Applicants can use one of the Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) to upgrade their scores and process through Express Entry.

Once a province or territory nominates you through an Express Entry stream, you will receive a nomination certificate and this will increase your CRS score by 600 additional points.

There are different programs offered by each province. You may or may not qualify for one of such programs:

  • In order to apply via one of the PNP programs under the Express Entry Program you will need to select appropriate criteria under the Express Entry profile from the very beginning.

If you qualify, your selected province will invite you to process your nomination application and upon finding it suitable, you will be issued Nomination Certificate from your selected province.

Once the PT nomination is received the additional 600 points are added to the comprehensive Ranking ‘System score. Ideally it is sufficient to receive an invitation to apply (ITA) subject to conditions.

We, being a certified immigration consultant and ICCRC members and having over22 years of healthy experience in the field of Overseas Education and Immigration matters, has been successful in resolving complicated immigration issues.It will be our pleasure to assist you by offering sincere analysis of your application.You will get most economical and ethical solution for your migration goal.

Good Luck…

There is nothing to confirm or deny from the fact that Canada is the hotspot for immigration for migrants. PR is nothing but a person who can reside in that country even without citizenship. He/she can also do a job or a business there within the territories of Canada. If any employer in Canada hires you then you need not have a work permit visa. Businessman or investors will only have to follow some rules and regulations of the country. There are separate rules to abide by for skilled professionals and businessmen investors.

Applicants should reside in Canada while applying for Compassionate and Humanitarian Grounds. There are completely different rules considered for such cases and also it differs from case to case.

These typical grounds are complicated and must have immigration experience for the same. Being a

Canadian government approved immigration consultant

, we have complete knowledge and experience in these types of grounds where the margin of any error equals to zero. In nearly all these matters an immigration professional is retained to ensure that the best interests of the applicant are being upheld. As these cases are taken very seriously, one is not supposed to apply by themselves.


Who can apply for Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds?

An individual foreign national who is currently living in Canada can apply for H&C grounds. They need an exemption from at least one of the IRPA regulations if they want to apply for PR in Canada. If you are a common-law partner or caregivers, a temporary resident holder then you cannot apply for this PR. There are few exemptions thought which may allow you to apply for such grounds apart from the usual requirements of IRPA and they are –

  • The applicant should clearly mention the exemption why they are requesting for PR.
  • Each and every detail is to be mentioned including why these exemptions need to be considered on H&C Grounds.
  • Explain in detail those listed exemptions and reasons as to why you should be granted a special case for allowing you to apply for H&C grounds or PR within Canada.

If any children will be affected or are directly affected by this decision made on your application then it will be assessed and taken into consideration like the medical needs of the child, age of the child, the establishment of the child, gender, and education.

As the

best consultancy for Canada PR in Ahmedabad

, we provide end-to-end

Canada immigration services

and we also make sure that all your queries are solved. The applicants should make sure that they ask the right questions in the matter of Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds as they are an exceptional and delicate matter. Often, we have seen that cases are rejected due to lack of information and questions were not discussed.


Why Contact GEPSI Immigration Services for an Assessment?

At GEPSI Immigration Services, you have to be rest assured as our team of highly qualified and experienced professional will guide you and provide a genuine analysis of your case. Being ICCRC approved visa consultant as well as the best

Canada immigration consultant in Ahmedabad

, we ensure credibility and professionalism. If we believe that you make a strong applicant under the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Program, we will be assisting you by supporting your case. After thorough analysis of such sensitive cases an appeal will be prepared. Due to sensible nature of such application, we will do our best to put your mind at ease.

There are various factors that will be discussed in detail while consultation. There are various factors that could be detrimental to the decision for example support from the family in Canada and/or a child or children in your care.

We are expert in interpreting such cases on a Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds with accuracy in the documentation part. We are responsible of making it sure that your application is submitted after thorough analysis from the very first step in order to avoid unnecessary time consumption and added aggravation of the costly task of reapplying.