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Key Tips and Strategies for Visa Interviews

Key Tips and Strategies for Visa Interviews
  • 28 Jan 2020
  • Gepsi

Aspirants have to undergo through a series of tests and phases to obtain visa. One of the most feared of them all is the interview process. Students are afraid of the visa interview process, but if certain tips and strategies are kept in mind, they can easily ace the interview. In this post, we will share few key tips to help you crack the visa interview with sheer confidence.


Keep your document handy ready while facing the interview. You are expected to collect all necessary documents and keep them ready and organized during the interview. Mandatory documents are visa application, income certificate and university acceptance letter. If you get in touch with an ICCRC approved immigration consultant you will come to know how important complete documentation us.

Your language matters

You got to be at your best in terms of communication and language during the visa interview. Work on polishing your communication skills. When you communicate with the interviewer comfortably and confidently, you increase your chances of obtaining the visa. In order to work on your English language, you must read English magazines and blogs apart from listening to English songs. You should also speak in English with people who are fluent in English.

Be positive

When you are positive and attentive, you leave a good impression on the interviewer. Be responsive and keep a positive body language. Your undivided attention will make sure you don’t make the interviewer repeat him or her. Think properly before you answer the questions asked by the interviewer. The key would be to leave a lasting first impression. This is because the consular officers have a limited amount of time and hence a positive first impression can really increase your chances.

Know about your program

Visa consultants say that you must know in detail about the study program you want to go for. Besides, questions pertaining to career plans will be asked, so make sure you can answer in detail about the study program you wish to pursue. If you cannot answer about the study program and why you want to pursue it, how can you expect to crack the interview? Student visa consultants suggest not to take this part lightly because it will make it or break it for you very easily.

ICCRC approved immigration consultants say that you will also be asked about your family and dependents at home. Questions such as how they will manage in your absence will be asked. If the interviewer gets an impression that your family might need money from you from abroad, your visa application might get denied.

Do you need more tips and tricks to ace the visa interview? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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