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Migrate To Canada with Express Entry

Migrate To Canada with Express Entry
  • 29 Jul 2020
  • Gepsi

With the best iCCRC approved immigration consultant you can get express entry to Canada without any hassle. An eligibility criterion is important to clear the first step and then comes the benefits of a PR visa and why it is important.

Who is eligible to apply for express entry visa?

Visa Consultants make sure that each criterion has been met to avoid any kind of rejection. A student should be a graduate; age should be below 45, having work experience of a minimum of 3 years, and of course, proficiency in the English language is a must. There are several tests and classes conducted for learning English and improve your speaking skills.

Express Entry

This was introduced in the year 2015. Those who have skilled work experience of at least a year can apply for express entry visas leading to the PR of Canada. A permanent Residency is a good option for those who are looking forward to settling in Canada. We guide applicants to apply for this while the express entry program is going on. Canada immigration consultants have immense knowledge of all the visa programs being held and what is important for a student.

Selecting candidates for the Express entry program is specifically completed through an electronic process for only skilled candidates who want to migrate to Canada. This process involves the Federal Government and Canadian employers. These people allow and choose which candidates are eligible for Canada Immigration. Candidates are assigned a score under the CRS which can help them in migrating if they score well out of 1200. This helps the candidate improve their ranking and increase the chances of receiving an ITA. CRS is not a selection process but a system of ranking the candidates who can be eligible under the three major programs of Canada made for immigration, “The Federal Skilled Workers Class, Federal Skilled Trade Class, and Canadian Express Class.”

Check your eligibility with us, a well-known student visa consultant who can help you moving further with the changes needed to get your visa approved. We have the best knowledge to help you.


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