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Student Visa – Canada

Canada is known for its clean living, multicultural environment, and career prospects. Students aspiring to study in Canada require a student visa. This form of a visa requires an enormous amount of documentation and has several procedures that one needs to follow. This can be a very long and complicated process. On the account of less population and high industrial advancement, it offers great job opportunities with permanent settlement options.

Frequently asked questions:

Before starting the process for a Canada student visa from the

best student visa consultant in Ahmedabad

, the applicants must be aware of how long it will take to receive the final approval. This makes your admission and visa process much smoother and less stressful.


How long does it take to process the admission?

Admission process at a Canadian University could take from one to six months depending upon their admission procedures and policies; whereas admission process at Community Colleges, approved as Designated Learning Institution (DLI) by the Canadian Government, would take between one to three months.

How long does it take to process Canada Student visa?

The application for a Canadian Students visa may take around 12 weeks to process. However, this is only an estimate. Many factors can have a significant impact on Canada Student Visa processing time from India.

Process Steps
Apply and obtain your Admission
Pay full first-year tuition Fees
Purchase GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) worth $10,000 as a security, to cover your living costs for your first year in Canada
Obtain your receipts
Complete the Medical examination with Panel Physician
Prepare SOP (Statement of Purpose)
Preparation of your Visa Application with all the supporting documents
Submission of your Student Visa application
Complete the biometrics process
Obtain your Student Visa approval letter (Passport Request)
Submit your Passport to obtain your Student Visa
Update your enrolment in the College or University as per their requirements.
Register and select your program courses online or as soon as possible
Purchase your Air Ticket (One Way)
Arrive in Canada at least 15 days prior to the start of your program (recommended)


Apart from the charges you pay to your consultant and other third parties involved in providing you the required documents and information, applicant will be required to pay following fees depending upon their situation.

Process Fees
Admission processing fees charged by the Universities CA$100 – $500
Admission processing fees charged by the College CA$100 – $150
Student Visa fees CA $150.00
Dependent Work Visa Fees CA $255.00
Dependent Child – Visitor Visa if under 5 years of age CA $100.00
Dependent Child – Student Visa if over 5 years of age CA $150.00
Biometrics ( Every applicant who is 14 years of age or older, is required to provide biometrics ) CA$85.00
Medical Examination (For all the visas wherein, applicant is required or willing to stay for over six months, medical examination is required). CA$100 – $200


  • How to select best college / university in Canada?
  • How to find best program suitable and relevant to your career?
  • How to find best location based on your career and opportunity?
  • How to find best immigration / Visa consultant to apply for your study permit?
  • What information needs to be covered in your Statement of Purpose (SOP)?
  • How important it is to select a Certified Immigration Consultant?

Selecting you consultant wisely is extremely important:

Before hiring you must ask following questions to the Consultant / agent who will be assisting and guiding you for your Canadian student visa process:

  • Has your agent / consultant studied in any developed country?
  • Has your agent / consultant worked in Canada?
  • Has your agent / consultant opened and operated businesses in Canada?
  • Does your agent / consultant have any knowledge of taxation, income, expenditures, lifestyle, health care, education, employment terms, etc. of Canada?
  • Will your agent be able to help you, once you reach Canada? Do they have an office in Canada?
  • Lastly, but very important: Is your agent / consultant certified by the Canadian Government?

Our ethics, efficiency and expertise attract thousands of students each year. Over 97% of our clients get their visas approved even when the overall visa success rate of all the students applying for the student visa across India, is as low as 50% as per the Canadian Government data. With our guidance and team strategically located in Canada, our students have been able to obtain high-paying jobs during and after their course completion. When you choose GEPSI, we ensure that you have a seamless, hassle-free and an enjoyable process. Book an appointment today to help us file your application.

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