Student Visa for USA

Student Visa for

The United States of America:

Process for obtaining your admission and student visa of USA is lengthy and time consuming. Considering the research time as well as the time taken to obtain your admission and visa, one must start at least 12 to 18 months prior to the academic year in which you hope to attend a U.S. college or university.

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As soon as you have decided to pursue your higher studies in United States, you may start following these steps:

  • Select your program of study
  • Selection of College / University based on your career needs and financial criteria
  • Identify & clear entry requirements (SAT / GRE / GMAT / IELTS / TOEFL / Etc.)
  • Applying for admissions and obtaining your I 20
  • Understanding Visa Requirements:
    • Gathering all the necessary documents required for facing the Visa Interview
    • Fill visa forms and take your appointment date with Consulate General of America
    • Appear for Interview and obtain your Visa
  • Find Accommodation and buy your tickets and ensure that you reach on time.
  • Keep your institution informed about your arrival, enrolment, and other updates.

Colleges and Universities in the United States are not ranked by any authentic agency and hence, it becomes important to select your institution wisely based on your academic, financial, and personal requirements. You may consider the program based on your educational background, your strengths, your interests, your future career goals, job prospects, and future demands of your career.

The cost of living & studying varies throughout the United States. With the right amount of planning and research, pursuing higher education in the U.S. can be made affordable with high returns on your investment.

Start your financial planning as early as possible. Each year international students receive significant amounts of financial assistance for their studies. However, competition is high. Applications for financial aid go together with applications for admissions.

Applying for an admission into any U.S. education institution is a serious task that takes time and concentration. Each application is different as it involves collecting mark sheets, transcripts, letter of recommendations, writing essays / SOP, and routing the results of required examinations. You must give appropriate and sincere time for a successful result.

After your acceptance to a Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified Institution, you need to follow these steps before arriving in the United States:

  • Get a Form I-20: Once you receive acceptance to an SEVP-certified school and provide evidence of financial support, as well as any other supporting documents, that school’s designated school official will send you a Form I-20, “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigrant Status.” You will receive a Form I-20 from every school that accepts you.
  • Pay the I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) Fee: All international students must pay the I-901 SEVIS Fee.
  • Apply for a visa to travel to the United States: You can apply for a visa to travel to the United States at your designated USA embassy or consulate. Make sure you go for an interview with all the required documents.

You will be required to make your travel arrangements, gather pre-departure materials and documents for arrival, as well as report to your school and attend the orientation.

You may check your institution’s website for additional pre-departure information that will be more specific and collect information about your health insurance, average local temperatures throughout the year, local transportation options, housing, and more.

Also endure to inform your institution about your visa status and enrol in the programs before the deadline according to the institution’s requirement.

At GEPSI Immigration Services, we have served hundreds of students by assisting them in obtaining admissions and visas for The United States and we are thoroughly aware about the procedures. Our trained and qualified staff is pleased to assist you by providing accurate guidance and support throughout the process.

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