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Things You Must Know Before Moving to Canada

ICCRC approved immigration consultants
  • 23 Apr 2020
  • Gepsi

Are you moving to Canada for higher studies? Your enthusiasm must be sky high at the moment and it is pretty understandable. This second largest country spanning over ten million square kilometers is known for quality education, world-class universities and great lifestyle. Here’s all you need to know before moving to Canada. Read on:

World class cities

ICCRC approved immigration consultants say that Canada is known for world class cities. Three Canadian cities featured in Economist’s world’s most livable cities ranking. Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto featured on the list. The factors taken into consideration were healthcare, environment, education, stability and infrastructure.

Multicultural society

Student visa consultants say that Canada has a multicultural society. More than 20 percent of Canadian population comprises of people born in other countries. People love living in this country. About 50 percent of Canadian population will comprise of people born in other countries by the year 2031. Those numbers say it all.

Great healthcare

Canada healthcare system deserves to be envied. They have a tax-funded medicare system in which the government pays for basic health insurance of their people. All essential medical services are free. Healthcare is their priority and that’s another reason why Canada is so popular.

Beautiful landscapes

Known for amazingly beautiful landscapes, Canada has a huge amount of space to explore. From tropical rain forests to boiling deserts, there is every type of landscape in Canada. You must witness the beauty of Canadian landscapes by yourself. Alberta Badlands and The granite mountains of Gros Morne are few famous places to explore.


There are about 2 million lakes in Canada including Lake Superior which is almost as big as Maine. According to visa consultants you must explore the natural beauty of Canada. You must certainly try water sports while you are in Canada.


Canada is known for world class education. Their universities are recognized world-wide and that’s why Canada has become a sought after destination for education.

Maple Syrup

Canada is known for Maple trees and Maple syrup which Canadians are extremely fond of. Maple syrup can be found almost in every Canadian kitchen. It might interest you that Canada produces about 71 percent of world’s maple syrup.

Canadian slangs

Canadians have their own lingo which is enough to confuse an outsider. So, it is recommended that you know what their slangs are and what they mean. A $1 coin is a loonie and a $2 coin is called toonie. Klick means a kilometer. Remember that Canadians are very polite and use the word sorry quite a lot.

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