Visitor Visa

New Zealand Visit

Here are some details on getting a visitor visa for New Zealand; however, we strongly recommend that you arrange your personal meeting with our qualified counselors to interpret and analyze your requirements. GEPSI Consultancy specializes on all types of Visitor Visa and has helped thousands of people from across the country.
You will need to apply for a visitor visa before you come to New Zealand if you are not from a visa-waiver country

Purpose of applying for Visitor Visa

‘Lawful purpose’ for visitors:
It will be considered a lawful purpose if you are a visitor, visiting New Zealand for the purposes of:

  • Holidaying
  • Sightseeing
  • Family and Social visits
  • Amateur sport
  • Business consultation
  • Medical treatment
  • Guest of Government visits.

As a visitor, you may not work.

Short-term study

You may undertake one or more courses of study or training of not more than three calendar months’ duration in total per visa, or in each 12-month period if your visa enables you to stay in New Zealand as a visitor for a minimum of 24 months.

School-age children

School-age visitor visa holders can attend a primary, intermediate, secondary or composite school for a single period of study of up to three months per calendar year provided the study finishes within the calendar year. Study in Term One of a school year is not permitted if a single period of study in Term Four of the previous year was undertaken while on a visitor visa.
If you want to study for longer than three months in any given calendar year, you will need to apply for a student visa.

Genuine visitor/tourist

You will be considered to be a genuine tourist if you are a visitor who:

  • Is not working and has not worked in New Zealand
  • Has not held a student visa
  • Is not sponsored
  • Has enough funds to provide for your maintenance and accommodation costs.

Having spent nine months in New Zealand, ‘genuine tourists’ may apply for another three months’ stay (making a maximum stay of 12 months) if they require more time to complete their travel.

Visa Requirements

When you apply for a visitor visa, you need to prove that:

  • You are in good health
  • You are of good character
  • A visitor visa fits your purpose for coming to New Zealand.

Having spent nine months in New Zealand, ‘genuine tourists’ may apply for another three months’ stay (making a maximum stay of 12 months) if they require more time to complete their travel.

Your passport

You will need to provide your passport with your application. The passport must be valid for at least three months past the date you are to leave New Zealand, or one month past the date you intend to leave if the government issuing your passport has consular representation in New Zealand.

Proof that you plan to leave New Zealand

You will need to show that you intend to leave within the period of your visa. For example:

  • Travel tickets (confirmed or open-dated) out of New Zealand to a country which you have the right to enter; or
  • Written confirmation from an airline or travel agency that onward travel has been booked and paid for; or
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to purchase a ticket to a country which you have the right of entry.

Proof of funds

You will also need to show us proof that you have enough money to support yourself during your stay. This means you have a minimum of:

  • NZ$1000 per person per month of the visit, or
  • NZ$400 per person per month if accommodation has already been paid for – we will require proof of prepayment, such as hotel prepaid vouchers.

Sufficient funds can be in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Travellers’ cheques
  • Bank Drafts
  • Recognised credit cards with sufficient credit available – we recommend that visitors have an up-to-date credit card statement.

What about my family?

Your application can cover your partner, and any dependent children up to the age of 19. Children over 20 and non-dependants will need to make their own application.

Dependent Children of Essential Skills Work Visa Holders

Visitor visa applications for dependent children of Essential Skills work visa holders will need to include evidence that the parent who holds the Essential Skills work visa meets a minimum income threshold.

For more accurate information and detailed discussion on your application, please consider contacting and meeting our experienced counselors.

GEPSI wishes you a very bright career and success ahead.