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Why to Immigrate to Canada in 2020?

Canada immigration consultants
  • 15 Oct 2020
  • Gepsi

Millions of students immigrate to Canada every single year owing to plenty of advantages. Indian students from every nook and corner of the country prefer Canada over other countries for education. Better living and working conditions are the hallmark of this amazing country. Canada’s healthcare and education system is also a cut above the rest, say Canada immigration consultants.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you must immigrate to Canada in 2020

World class universities

Canadian universities are recognized across the world. Five of the Canadian universities ranked in the top 100 in year 2018. Their education system encourages cross disciplinary studies as well. Besides, students can also enhance their other skills such as critical thinking, communication and team work to name a few.

Low tuition fees and other expenses

As compared to US, UK and other countries, Canada’s international tuition fees are pretty low. Living expenses are not costly either which makes it a preferred destination for students.

Students can work in Canada

Students are allowed to work in Canada. They can work for upto 20 hours in a week during their semester and full-time during breaks. In order to gain the right to work off-campus students must have a valid study permit and they must be full-time students. You must be enrolled at a recognized learning institution at post secondary level. You must be studying in a vocational, academic or professional training program which leads to a degree, diploma or at least a certificate for a six months course.

Canada’s emphasis on technology

Students visa consultants say that Canada was the first ever country to link its educational institutions to the internet through its SchoolNet program. This country ranks 2nd in terms of internet penetration rates and it is not a wonder that Wi-Fi is available virtually everywhere in Canada.

Great quality life

According to Canada immigration consultants, excellent quality of life is one of the prime reasons why students prefer moving to Canada as compared to other countries. Three Canadian cities- Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal made it to the list of top 50 student cities across the world in QS World University Rankings. You can also expect a great cultural experience during your sojourn in Canada. It is a vast country and it is bilingual as well. It is pretty safe and offers plenty of places to explore. You would fall in love with the scenic beauty and landscapes of Canada.

Hope you found the post useful. For more information related to immigration to Canada, feel free to get in touch with us. We have a number of ICCRC approved immigration consultants to help you out.

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